HTML Reports

It doesnt really seem possible to really create HTML reports with KNIME. This is quite unfortunate, as many reports can show their full potential only when seen as HTML (e.g. with the BIRT Web Viewer). While as for now my main problem are tooltips of links that are not shown in PDF, the quite powerfull interactivity features of BIRT work only as HTML too.

Unfortunately, the KNIME Webportal is only partful helpfull, as it still treats the HTML report just as preview (which is inferior to the Web Viewer Preview from KNIME Desktop that provides TOC).

Are there any plans:

1. To introduce HTML as another format for report creation (e.g scheduled)? I am aware that HTML might be more complicated as it could include images too but there should be some possbile solutions.

2. To improve the HTML part of the Web Portal? A simple, direct link to the HTML file instead of/additionally to the "Preview" Pop-up would be quite helpfull already.

Thank you

If you are running the report from the command line, then you can specify format=html and get at it that way. Obviously, being able to access via the desktop client run workflow dialogue would be nicer though!



thanks... I wasnt aware of this - apparently an undocumented feature. Unfortunately the images are not included but nevertheless its helpfull already!

The images should in in a folder called 'images', in the same place as the report file is created.


Thats not the case for me:

INFO     main ReportBatchExecutor        Rendering report in html-format to "/somefile.html".

WARN main ReportExecutor Specified html rendering with no additional rendering options, unable to use output options: com.knime.enterprise.utility.oda.ReportingConstants$RptOutputOptions@646be43

INFO main ReportBatchExecutor Generation of html report for workflow SomeWorkflow’ finished successfully.

Any idea what is meant by output options?

Hi Benjamin,

The warning message is not critical but inappropriate, yes. We'll look into fixing that.

- Bernd

HTML output with images will be fixed in the next release.

Thats great news, thank you!