HTTP connection + Download node doesn't work on knime 3.7.0

Download.knwf (25.8 KB)
Download.knwf (24.5 KB)
Hello everybody,
I’m looking for a solution regarding a workflow that I built on my previous computer and which were working perfectly.
However since I’m on knime 3.7.0 + a new laptop I cannot make this workflow working.
The workflow is basically extracting a file with the following data (1ko file) which is not what I’m looking for :

File content :

Access Denied

Normally I should be able to extract the data under the following link :

Somebody can help me with this?
I’m using either the Google chrome explorer or Internet explorer with Windows 7

Access Denied (authentication_failed)

Your credentials could not be authenticated: "Credentials are missing.". You will not be permitted access until your credentials can be verified.

In your Download node, you should only specify the path on the server, not the protocol nor server name. The following worked for me:

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