HTTP retriever status 503

Hello from a beginner user.
I am trying to use HTTP retriever for scrapping web content and find myself into the following issue: HTTP retriever results’ status: 503. Proxy-connection: closed.
I am wondering whether it is an issue related to the configuration of the node or to some proxy settings.
Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi @rivagia01 , and welcome to the community.

5** (five hundreds) http code usually means there is a problem at the server, so I doubt that there is any issue on your side.

If it was a 4** (4 hundred) code, which means problem at the client side, then it would mean the issue is on your side.

Retry again later, perhaps they will fix it at the server after a while, if not, come back here.

In the mean time, if you don’t mind, can you share the URL so we can see if we can reproduce the issue?

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Thanks for your prompt answer @bruno29a The issue is going on since this early morning.
URL: JRC Publications Repository

Hi @rivagia01 , I can’t reproduce the issue, I am able to connect to the site via the HTTP retriever without any issue, and I get status 200 back, which means that everything was fine:

Are you behind a proxy?

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The server seems to work (when using the URL in Firefox). So that the issue is on my end, I guess.

Hi @rivagia01 , did it ever work with the HTTP Retriever via Knime before?

@bruno29a, yes, the HTTP Retriever usually worked with other URLs.

any particular reasons why you use the HTTP Retriever instead of the GET Request in KNIME?

The GET request returns missing values in the body column (proxy authentication required).

Hello @rivagia01,

sounds like you should configure proxy in KNIME? See here:


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