HttpRetriever / illegal character in path at index 86 ? solution of the problem

How can I solve the problem in the workflow?
ThanksKNIME_path index 86 error.knwf (78.1 KB)

HttpRetriever / illegal character in path at index 86 ? solution of the problem



To be honest and clear, the workflow you provided doesn’t make sense to me.
What are you trying to do? Maybe I can help you much better if I know this.


Hello Armin;
That’s what I’m trying to do.

  1. collect sub-page url links at main url
  2. divide the collected sub-page links into pieces
  3. Collect the information by visiting the sub-page url links.

The problem is that I receive an error while visiting the sub-page url links.


There are a few problems with your workflow that must be modified:

1- The get request node was unnecessary and I removed it.
2- The HTMLParser node was reading the initial URL not the result form HttpRetriever and I changed it.
3- When you get the href attribute by XPath node, there may be spaces in the URLs and you have to convert them to “%20” then you can use the URLs. So I added a string manipulation node after XPath node.
The rest of your workflow now works fine.

path error.knwf (75.7 KB)



That is a great job :slight_smile: now it might be possible to extract some more information. Tough from a first look @umutcankurt might still have some work to do.


Hi; Armin

Thanks a lot, thanks to people like you, it is very nice to learn and solve problems. Thank you for your hard work again. @armingrudd and @mlauber71

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