HTTPS connections on Intranet with own certificate

Dear KNIMErs,

Just for everyone to make use of (potentially).


I've tried to crawl Intranet pages which use a self-generated certificate, leading to mixed results on the KNIME end: Palladian's HttpRetriever would recover results well and completely, whereas the various File Readers would complain about an SSLHandshakeException ( PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target).


So here's a fix for it (also consider the second resolution proposal for further details):

Note that the keystore default password is "changeit" -- and that KNIME doesn't. :P


After the intervention all File Reader nodes should recover the same content that HttpRetriever does, albeit in the different formats you'd come to expect.


Admittedly it's still a 403 page in my case , but I will hopefully fix this next. :-)



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