i cant creat mount ID..or connect knime tool to knime server

Hi team
I hope I am doing in the right way ??

I am doing on AWS knime server BYOL - I hope the server is installed already in this machine !!!
I downloaded knime an analytical tool on AWS server BYOL.
i get GUI for ubuntu to work around. - without gui in ubuntu can i work ob knime server ??

now i am trying to connect to mount id from knime client tool…

basically i want to bring my workflow here on aws machine AWS server BYOL and automate it !!

i have license file - where should i put it ??

does knime server have any interface ?? to automate workflow ?? how to get it ??

cant connect below addess ?
(https://HOSTNAME:8443 tomee/ejb

how to configure and where ??

help will be appritiated !! as we are new to knime.

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Hi Navinjadhav,

In the screenshot you are attempting to connect to http and port 8443. You should aim for either https and port 8443 or 443, or http and port 8080 or 80.

In the case of ports 443 and 80 you may omit the :port from the URL.

In all cases you need to check your security groups to make sure that those ports are open for the machine that you are trying to access from.