I can't find Parameter Optimization Loop Start in KNIME Extension

Hi All. I am very new to KNIME.

I have been looking for how to install Parameter Optimization Loop Start from KNIME Extension.

When I try to install it from KNIME Extension, there is no "Parameter Optimization Loop Start "

I am currently using MAC. My KNIME version is 4.5.1

Can anyone teach me where to find and how to install?

Hey @Maikoyo,

Here is the node. You should be able to drag an drop it into KNIME. Parameter Optimization Loop Start – KNIME Hub.

Here is a workflow example that includes it as well: H2O Parameter Optimization – KNIME Hub


Hi TardisPilot,

Thank you so much! This is what I was really looking for.
Now I could finally installed it

Thank you!

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