I have a problem to implement a knime node which can access to my postgreSQL

In effect, I got this message : "org.postgresql.Driver"

I had installed the postgres driver on my JAVA-LIB-PATH (/usr/lib/jvm/java/jre/lib/ext)

Can enyone help me please?


The best way is to include the JDBC-driver directly in the plugin (if you are targeting a single DB only). Put the Jar inside a lib-directory of your plugin and add the jar to the Runtime classpath in the MANIFEST.MF.

Hi exaidn,

We already have database connector nodes in KNIME available that allow connecting to arbitrary database supporting JDBC drivers. Those drivers need to be registered under File >> Preferences >> KNIME >> Database Driver. At this point all database node are able to connect for example to an postgres-DB. Does this help?

Regards, Thomas


Thank you very match for your help. I just try your solution and my node work fine now!

Best regard!


Hi thomas,

Thank you for response! The first solution works fine!

Best Regard!