I need a sizing tip for a desktop that will run KNIME Analytics Plataform

I need to work with 20 databases of 100 million lines each file. Each of these files is approximately 5 GB in size. What is the recommended sizing for my personal computer? CPU Recommendation, Amount of Memory and Disk?

I appreciate who can help me.


Éfeso Maricato

Hi Éfeso!

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So if I got it right each of these 20 databases has 100 million records and each is approximately 5 GB which is around 100 GB of data in total?

I think you should provide a bit more information like what kind of data is it, what are you doing with this data? (Data analysis or ETLs) Are you planning to run 100 workflows on a daily basis or couple of workflows occasionally? More information leads to a better solution. Hopefully :wink: