i need help

im new to knime and i have to test for a data and to provide solution
please if someone can help me
thank you

Hi @shahadsk,

certainly we can help you, but you have to provide a bit more.
What exactly are you trying to do? Do you have a an example workflow and data that you can share?
Where are you stuck?

Best regards,



How can I send it to you ?

hello @shahadsk,

welcome to knime.
you can share your workflows via the knime hub. you will find a link to it in your analytics platform.

workflows uploaded to public will be available to everyone.

happy kniming and all the best,

I don’t know how to do it I want to send my workflow privately can I ?
Thank you

Hi @shahadsk and welcome to the Knime Community.

You can export your workflow and then upload the exported workflow to this thread. This is probably the easiest way if you do not know how to set up a connection to the hub from your Knime AP.

To export, just right click on your workflow from the KNIME Explorer (by default located on the left in your Knime AP). You will get a menu from which you can select to Export the workflow:

Just follow the instructions after that.

Once you have exported the workflow, upload it to the thread here, by clicking on this icon when replying to the thread:

Again, follow the instructions after you click on the icon.