I need to change plenty files in just one try.

I’ve been looking for a way to edit many .csv files in just one try.

I used:

File reader - Rule Engine - csv writter.

But it just edited one file and I need to edit 332 files.

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I suggest to have a look at the “Loop Nodes”. They will allow you to process data iteratively (i.e. file-by-file).

A further node to look at would be the “List Files” node which allows to list a directory’s content. Use it as input for one of the loop nodes.

Hope this helps to get you started!


Can you recommend me a specific loop?

Typically (by constructing the workflow in my head) I’d try the following:

Connect this node to the List Files/Folders node.

It will create a so-called “Flow Variable” for you, which can use as input for the File Reader node – just connect the red dot to the imaginary top left corner of the List Files/Folders node. You can then input a different file path within each iteration (as supplied by the variable) by clicking the little “V” button in the node configuration.

If you’re just starting with KNIME, I’d recommend to take some time to familiarize yourself with the idea of “Flow Variables”. It’s the way of making your workflows more … well … “variable” :slight_smile:


Thanks! Indeed, I´m starting and I need to know more about this because of my job.

@lezp you might want to take a look at this collection

Basic articles about loops

Nodeguide Loops

Lesson 4. Loops


Kudos @mlauber71
very nice collections you have build. Highly appreciated your efforts

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