I want to create a KNIME workflow that can place a buy order in Alpaca

I want to create a workflow in the following order: Start node → HTTP Request node → JSON Path node → End node, but issue is that my KNIME is not supporting me to install these required extension. Can some one help me out to create this workflow. Please i need it urgent

Hi @Sahirrao02 -

Please check the pinned topic about trouble with installing extensions related to the partner update site:

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Sir I’ve updated the KNIME version but I can’t found my required Nodes. Please help me out there

Did you reload the partner site as described in the linked thread? Many users have found that after doing that, issues are resolved when trying to install extensions.

I am facing is that I cant even found these required nodes in KNIME respiratory

You should be able to drag-and-drop them from the KNIME Hub, which will prompt installation of required extensions. For example: JSON Path

See the animated GIF here for more help: About – KNIME Community Hub

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can you help me out to find following nodes:

  1. HTTP Request node to make a POST request to the Alpaca API endpoint for creating orders.

  2. JavaScript Snippet node to construct the JSON payload for the POST request and to handle the API response.

Here are links to the KNIME Hub for those nodes: POST Request, Java Snippet

Providing the proper syntax and constructing the payload is of course more complicated (and to be frank, I’m probably not the best equipped person to help you do that). Can you take a shot at a workflow, and then when you run into trouble, upload your workflows showing what you have tried so far? That is most likely to get you effective assistance.

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