IBM Watson SR node not working

Dear Knimers,
First of all, I wish you all a very successful 2019, full of Good Health, joy and happiness together with your beloved ones.

My question is about the IBM Watson SR node located in the Audio section of Knime Labs at the speech recognizers subgroup. I have signed up to IBM service ( Lite plan which should work well for 100 mins of audio.)
The problem is Node fails to work with an " access denied" error. You can replicate the problem on Example Server > Data Access>Audio files>Example Speech to text.
(You have to modify the username and password with your IBM cloud values. it’s free to sign up.)
in the tutorial section of Speech recognition service, IBM mentions a notice in user authentication, that they switch over to API keys instead of user & pass. That might be the issue ( I am not sure though) if it is, that the node needs an upgrade so that API key authentication is welcome.
Looking forward to your precious feedback.

PS: I’m running Knime 3.7 on win 10.
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Hi @Safak,

indeed they changed the authentication method with their October release, such that only old services continue to work with user & password authentication. Thanks for the hint, I’ll address this in a feature request and keep you posted.



Thnaks Marten,
I appreciate.

Hello Marten and Safak !

Any update on this? I am trying to test the speech recognition example with a new Watson account that works with apikey and not usr/pass. Thanks and have a great day!

Hi there!

Sry for a delayed response. No update on this one. I have added +1 on it :wink:


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