ICE plot error - pre-processing sampling bug?

Hi, i have got the error from the ICE node

ERROR Partial Dependence/ICE Plot 0:1247 Execute failed: One or more of the selected columns was not sampled in the pre-processing node.
Please review your column selection and make sure all selected columns were properly sampled upstream.

Because “partial dependence pre-processing” component is 4.1.0 and i have 4.1.2 cannot get into details, but all the component is shining green.

do you know what could go wrong?

Hi @zarniak,
sometimes it can be tricky to have the proper configuration of both node and component to make the visualization work. I am testing the old workflow here in 4.1.2 and it works fine.

KNIME nodes and components are meant to work no matter how further we go with new KNIME releases…
Are you sure it has to do with the new release and not some wrong configuration of the workflow?
Can you please take a screenshot of your workflow and configuration windows of both the component and view node? That would be of great help to troubleshoot your workflow.


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thx @paolotamag, i have found what’s wrong - by accident the “confidence” column got into feature tab in ice plot node - obiously it has not been in the ice feature multiplication component. thanks for reassuring that everything should be ok :slight_smile:


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