Idea for enhancement: Interactive sorting

The table views have the capability to sort by columns on the fly, which is great. I often use this feature to roughly compare results from two branches (eg. an original vs. an optimized one) or to quickly see if a column contains missing values. The main downside is of course the performance on large tables, which leaves the user waiting. I haven't checked the code, but it seems as if you're sorting the whole table. I would wager that that's not strictly necessary. If 50 rows are visible, it might be sufficient to find the rows with the lowest, say, 150 values, which can be done in one iteration, and to only present these values. If a user scrolls only a bit, this buffer can be accessed. If he scrolls further, you can of course recompute or switch to a full sorting.

You could even decide to follow this trail of thought to its ultimate conclusion, and switch to something like a chunked selection sort. It may have horrible O(n)-performance, so its not suitable for the Sorter, but it seems it might be a better choice here. You could start sorting in the background, while also presenting results right away as soon as they are available. Maybe add a little progress bar somewhere out of the way, and a "waiting" indicator when the user scrolls past the available data... you get the idea. More interaction leads to faster work and happier users.