Identify customers having multiple products


While working in Knime I could not resolve the issue where my data has below headers .

Consumer ID - Consumers unique ID.
Charge From - is consumers billing start date.
Charge Upto - is consumers billing end date.
Package Id- is package code subscribed by consumer.
Package Name - corresponding name of Package ID.
C_Z_A - type of package whether it is Base or Alacarte.
Channel ID - reflects only if the channel subscribed is Alacarte which is corresponding ID.
Channel Name - corresponding name against channel.

Requirement - I need output where consumer have subscribed Base Pack(SITI FAMILY Pack) + count of Alacarte Channels.
Can anyone help to resolve the same. Attached the sample sheet.Sample Sheet.xlsx (10.3 KB)

Maybe something like this will get you started.

2021-01-29 10_25_03-Window

CountingCustomerIDs.knwf (10.4 KB)

I see that the last ID, 76997561, has what appears to be some duplication across dates. So you will want to tweak this to make it more accurate for your needs.


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