Identify row based on Start and End Time range

Hello beautiful people,

i have a machine log file. I would like to identify the rows whether it is Action or Reason
in the above Table you can see, Event No 1 A is action and following three rows are Event. Most of the time, reason rows (22,26,28) time range match Action A star and end time range. Some time may not match exactly. Also as you can see, row 9,10,11 occurs without previous Event A. I need to identify those row are Error. The output what I m expecting is shown below . need to append a new column and identify each row whether it is Event E or Reason R or Error
i would appreciate your timely help

EnGiLogdata.xlsx (10.8 KB)

hi @Vaamen
my approach,

KNIME_events-MM.knwf (112.2 KB)
linux knime 5.1.x


Hi @marzukim ,
Wow…Thank you very much for such a fast response and crispy workflow. I will work around it and if any issues get back to you.


Hi @marzukim
sorry to bother you again , in my table i have the time format like (Two columns)
Ex: Start time 2022/01/25;08:30:50
End time 2022/01/25;09:25:25
how would be your loop node work for it ?
your suggestion are greatly appriciate.


Hi @Vaamen .

I think the cell splitter will do the job for you with separator “;”


thanks for the reply . what I mean to say is "As it can be seen from @marzukim workflow S/he classified the row just using the Event No, but i would like to consider the start time and end time. As an example , Reasons row 3,4,5 start time 8:10:34 and end time 9:10:55 (highlighted in yellow color) should match the Event A` start time and end time. otherwise the rows are marked as Error . any suggestion on drafting the rule engine expression will be highly appriciated.

No smart guys around here to help me out this issue? :grinning:

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