If branch fails, skip nodes and move on to a downstream branch

Having trouble getting my head around usage of If Switch, Try Catch, and Inverter. The examples present elsewhere in the forums seem to be for more complex use cases.

In this case, I have a point where I’m geocoding and incremental list of postal / zip codes with the geocoder node. Sometimes, Google for one reason or another fails. In these cases, I’m OK to move on and not geocode those addresses. Given this is part of a workflow running daily, I hope to be able to use some workflow control nodes to handle this error “autonomously”.


Workflow attached.
If Switch.knwf (278.8 KB)

Hi @qdmt

This is something for the Try Catch node combination If Fail Switch 11.knwf (303.8 KB)

If your GEOcoding fails the wf will continue. You even have the possiblity to log the error messages.

gr. Hans


Oh yeah, that did the trick! :star2:

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