If/ Case when Cases

Hi Community,


I have a daily job running which reads input data (contract ids) from a Excel file with 1 column:


1          12345

2          67890

I use the TableRow to Variable Loop Start for this job. It work's fine if the cells only contains 1 ID or the Input table is empty

(--> Empty Table Switch). It print's out 1 file for each input contract ID.

On some days the input looks like this:


1         12345

2         65432 98765

For this case I want to implement a Rule/ Case which defines:

a) if the list only contains 1 ID in each cell --> start loop

b) if the list contains cells with 1 ID or n space separated IDs (= 1 customer, n contracts) --> string manipulation(replace space to ",") --> start loop


Can anyone help with the If Nodes? 

You might be able to do this with the Flow variable IF Switch (Flow Variable Value) node (From the Vernalis community contribution, under Cheminformatics) at the start of your loop, which allows various comparison methods for different flow variable types. If there is not an appropriate comparison type in the node, then drop @Vernalis a message with the comparison type and we will see if it can be added easily.