IF else condition in KNIME

Hello There,

I want to apply below formula in KNIME in rule base row filter


Please help!

Do you want to filter rows based on a date/time field, or to calculate a value for all rows like your formula i.e. "the date in another column or 2017-09-01, whichever is later"?

To filter rows try the Date&Time-based Row Filter node.

To calculate the formula, unless someone else knows an easier way, you could use Constant Value Column to fill a column with your chosen date, then Date&Time Difference to calculate whether the date in each row is before or after this, Math Formula with the formula max_in_args(0, $differences$) to perform the logic (if 'differences' is the name of the Math Formula output column) and Date&Time Shift to calculate the result from the Math Formula result and your constant date.

Could you give an example of your input data?
What is your date format?