If I want to put PMML into DB, which node should I use?

If I have created PMML data via SPARK and want to put the PMML into a DB, which node should I use?

Hello @geonjukim

Follow these steps

  1. Use PMML Reader Node to read the data
    PMML Reader – KNIME Community Hub

  2. Use KNIME’s data manipulation nodes to get required information from the PMML data structure.

  3. Connect to database using Database Connector Node
    DB Connector – KNIME Community Hub

  4. Use Database Writer Node to Write in the database
    DB Writer – KNIME Community Hub

You can also check PMML to SQL Node to generate SQL queries directly


Hello @yogesh_nawale

Thank you for your response.
Thanks to you, I see how to do it.

Hi @geonjukim ,

Always happy to help. If the solution is correct , you can like and give green tick for solution.


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