if statement using JS in column expression

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Problem is
IF column H ( Priority) has Basel Sensitive then
a. If column K is either “BS18310000” or “BS45410000” = FAILS
b. If column L (Affiliate) is “0” = 3rd Party
c. else = IC

ELSE , Blank

if(column(“First(Basel Sensitive)”) == “Yes”)
if(column(“First(FDL)”) == “BS18310000” || column(“First(FDL)”) == “BS45410000”)
{“3rd Party”}

Hi @seanmanzanilla , I’m not sure I fully understand what the problem is or what you are asking for.

Are you trying to explain what the conditions are and showing how you are attempting to implement the rules?

It looks like you are mentioning columns H, K, and L, but I don’t see these columns in your if statements.

It might be best to share some data in a file so we can see the column headers and the correct structure?


Me neither but a couple of days ago you @bruno29a created this really helpful guidance regarding the column expression node. Maybe you can link this to help here

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Hi @bruno29a , @Daniel_Weikert

Sorry for the confusion, I already resolve the problem.

Thank you!

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