IF Switch; End IF error when both branches are activ


In my workflow If Switch End if.knwf (71.4 KB) I have two segments. With an If switch I want to execute: the top-stream, the bottom-stream or both streams. But when I choose both streams I get an error messages at the final End IF node: The structures of both active input data tables are not compatible. Any suggestions how to fix it?

gr. Hans

Hi there @HansS,

seems End IF node doesn’t like different table structures.

So I would either have same table structure with additional identifier column (with values top/bottom for example) in order to know where my values came from and if necessary do some manipulation based on it. Or use Case Switch Data (Start/End) nodes where first output is your top logic, second your bottom logic and third both (this means doubling your nodes but doesn’t add to execution time at least).


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Hi Ivan,

thanks for your thoughts on this problem. Afters some trial and error I fixed it. The solution I found was in “re-coding” the flow variable (Rule Engine Variable) that controls the IF Switch nodes, from 3 options (top,bottom,both) to 2 options (both=>bottom; top and bottom top). So in all cases the data tables are compatible. I published my flow on the hub. If Switch (top, bottom, both)


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