IF swtiches

What is the correct format for variables to control an IF Switch?

I am also having trouble with these switches, in that when the inactive branch contains a "Table Row to variable Loop Start" ---> End Loop sequence, the "End If" node will not execute as the End Loop node throws an error "Active Scope End node in inactive branch not allowed".

Why does the End If node not just ignore the inactive branch>

1. It needs a string flow variable with the value both, bottom or top, (as written in the configuration panel)

2. I could not reconstruct your error, could you post a pic of your workflow, than we can find the problem :)

Best, Iris

With your loop start and loop end nodes. Be sure to check that they are both contained inside the IF and END IF nodes. If one is inside, and one is outside, that will be the cause of the error.



I have attached a demo workflow.  I am trying to filter input molecules using a number of SMARTS (PAINS, BMS deck filters, ChEMBL medchem non-friendlies).

The user has the option to include or exclude these filters as required (using a quickform string node)

I am not sure whether I would be better with a CASE Switch node here?

Thanks for your help.


i couldn’t get the fault solution from the workflow you gave.


I implemented a workaround - instead of by-passing the undesired components via the IF switch, all molecules are fed through the PAINS, BMS filters, but instead of being removed, they are instead flagged as passing or failing and then removed (or not) using rule-based row filters.

not the fastest or most elegant, but it works!


Dear Alastair,

I already reported your problem into our bug reporting system. We will look into it and hopefully find a fix soon.

Best, Iris

Thanks Iris!


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