If-then question

I have what seems like a simple question but I cannot figure out a straightforward way to do it in KNIME. I have a Col A which has some missing values. I used the rules engine to make Col B which is groupings of Col A. In the event Col A data is missing, I can use data in Col C to assign a Col B grouping. How do I do that?

It seems like there should be a simple way to do “If Col A is missing then Col B = Col C” but I cannot figure it out.

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In the Rule Engine node which you have created Col B, you can use this:

MISSING $Col A$ => $Col C$
TRUE => $Col A$

Using this expression, whenever the Col A is missing then the Col B value (the output result of the node) would be Col C, if Col A is available then the Col B value would be Col A.



The Column Merger node will also do what you want. Use ‘Col A’ as the primary column, and ‘Col C’ as the secondary column



Thanks, this is what I wound up using. Appreciate the help and quick response.


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