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Good morning!
i am working on a hybrid clustering, first step is k-means with an high K and then hierarchical to pick the correct number of clusters.
i am using the 2nd output of k-means node (cluster means) as input for the hierarchical node, but now i need to relate the original table/units to the cluster i found with AHC.
i understand that the connection is the k-means cluster table but how can i add a column to the original table with the correspondence of each unit to the AHC clusters?

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Good morning @chiabell !

Nice project ! Would it be possible for you to upload here the piece of workflow showed in your snapshot with dummy data to help you from there ?

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sorry i don’t have dummy data! but here’s the relation i need to find, i hope it’s clear enough! from left to right
unit to clusters using k-means
k-means cluster means
k-means cluster as units to AHC clusters

No problem @chiabell

If I correctly understood, the following workflow should do the job. Otherwise please let me know:

It integrates two options, 1st one where in the end you have for every row the normalized columns, and the 2nd one (below) which recovers the initial column values before normalization:

20210616 Pikairos K-Means followed by Hierarchical Cluster Asigner.knwf (139.4 KB)

Hope this helps.




thank you SO MUCH! that’s exactly what i needed!
KNIME has a great community!

thanks again, have a good day :blush:


Thanks Chiara for your kind message and for validating the solution :smiley: :+1:!

It was really a pleasure to help.

Enjoy your day too :wink: !


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