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Hi Team,

Thanks to your support, i have now got a basic understanding of the Knime workflow. I have created a workflow for me which read two files, compares it gives me a list of new accounts and some selected accounts. This workflow is for 2 columns data input.

The problems is sometimes the input has 2 columns some times in 3 columns or sometimes even more

  • 2 Columns for which I have already made the workflow

  • 3 Columns - Input

    I can use the 2 Column workflow but need to remove cell spilter

  • 4 or More columns - Input

    i can use 3 Column workflow but would need to drop the Blank columns

Is there a Node with can help me in this, Basically If it can test how many columns are present in the file and execute only related workflow.

Hi @Ankit_smart,

Yes there is the Extract Table Dimension node which gives you a small table as result containing two rows in which the number of rows resp. columns is given.
It looks like this.
Add a Row Filter node to extract the second row (either through the Rowid = “Number Columns” or row number = 2) and you have the number available.


Thanks for this. This solves my partial problem any idea after getting the number of columns which node should I use to split? After getting the Number of columns I used rule engine to specify the TOP or the BOTTOM portion to be executed for the If switch but it does not seems to be working.



I got it. I sed the Extract Table dimension > row filter to filter the column > Rule engine to change the values to 0,1 and 2 for case switch data > Convert the Numbers to variable for case Switch and the attaching the workflow where it was required.


Thanks a ton


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