Ignoring first few rows in a text file with FileReader



I am trying to read a text file where the first 100 rows or so are not data (they are part of a data use policy). Headers and data start at row 101. Is there anyway to configure fileReader to ignore the first x rows in the file?

I could of course manipulate the text file some other way before entering into FileReader but dont really want to do that, since will be dealing with a large number of files that have the same issue.

read.table() in R has a skip argument. Anything similar in file reader?




Unfortunately there is no option to the filereader to skip the first X lines (only an open feature request...).

The filereader can only skip java comments (lines starting with "//" or text blocks starting with "/*" and ending with "*/") or lines that start with the character(s) that you enter in the "Single line comment:" field in the dialog. Not sure if that helps in your case.

 - Peter.