Image classification


I am working in Remote sensing industry and felt KNIME would be an interesting tool if we can use this to analise Geospatial imagery (Aerial/satellite imagery).

My question is - will KNIME support in this kind of image classification? If yes, can you share some examples which can guide me in understanding KNIME workflow of image processing.



Chandrasekhar P 

Hi Chandrasekhar,

Welcome to the forum! You can indeed use KNIME to for image classification tasks. You can find many example workflows on the example server (99_Community /  01_Image Processing) or in the KNIME Nodeguide:

Most of these examples are from the BioInformatics domain, but most methods should be the same independent of the target domain. If you have further questions always feel free to ask them here.



Hi Gabriel,

Examples are useful, thank you.!

I am trying to extract information from a 3 (RGB) band 8Bit image which is in tiff format.

I have used Global thresholdConnect component analysis, Image segment features and Image writer nodes, all the nodes are running fine but Image writer node is thronging an error "Error while writing image D:\KNIME_Workspace\Output/TESTZONE1_GeoTIFF_5.tif.tif : Pixeltype BitType can't be written in the selected Format."

Does this mean, KNIME cannot handle 8 bit imagery? If yes, can you suggest a work around?


Thanks & Regards,

Chandrasekhar P

Hi Chandrasekhar P,

I am sorry you are having trouble with the pixel types, they are a common hurdle when learning to use KNIP.

BitType images have a pixel depth of one bit, meaning eacher pixel is either black or white, images with this bitdepth are not supported by most image formats. 8 bit images are called ByteType and are supported by many formats, including "tif".  You can convert your images using the Image Converter node and then you should have no problem writing them with the Image Writer