Image Reader doesn't close


Whenever I run the Image Reader node, it doesn’t close, but instead stays invisible, stopping me from clicking anything else. None of the standard close/execute keys that I’ve tried on windows (Alt-F4, Ctrl-F4, Ctrl-Enter, Ctrl-Esc, Esc,…) successfully close the invisible dialog. I’ve been able to get out of it twice by banging on all keys on my keyboard, but have no idea which keystroke is solving the problem.

Can somebody tell me what the magic keystroke is for getting this node’s dialog to exit when the Cancel/OK doesn’t work?

Also, Is anyone working to fix this node? It has been broken in this way for at least a year and is the only node I’ve run into that has this problem.

Hi @AbdulKhaliq ,

Do you happen to have a sample workflow?

Is the “Image Reader” Node this community node?


  1. What version of KNIME AP?
  2. What OS are you running?