Image Reader Flow variable for Look in


I would like to set the “Look in:” option in the Image Reader as a Flow Variable

This flow variable will enter the path of the images.

Then I would like this node to choose ALL files in that path.

How can I do it?

Thank You,

Hi @Claudette_Paneza,
you can do this very easily using the Image Reader (Table Node) it reads all the images from the location given to it in the input table. To get such a table you can use the List Files node, it’s Location parameter can be easily controlled with a flow variable.

Thanks Gabriel.

The but how can I make the row ID of this table the file names like what it did in the Image Reader (non-table version)?

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This is a option (sadly) missing form the Image Reader (Table) node, take a look at the attached workflow for a workaround using the Image Properties and RowID nodes:
read images-image name to rowID.knwf (9.2 KB)

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Hi Gabriel,

It works! Thanks!

Ya, but hopefully the Image Reader (Table) can have an option for it. That will be useful :slight_smile:

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