Image Reader (subsets and series)

This workflow shows basic concepts of the Image Reader node. One option of the node is to specify which part of an n-dimensional image or which part of a series should be read. Depending on the application, there is sometimes no need to read every dimension of a multidimensional image, which can speed up the reading process significantly. Therefore, we can configure the Image Reader node to only read a selected subset of an image. This option can be found in the 'Subset Selection' tab in the node configuration. Here you can see an overview of the dimensions and use the controls to select the desired subset to be read. On the right there are two checkboxes where you can select whether to read everything or to exclude the specified subset. If none of the boxes are checked the node will include the specified subset: You can select planes directly clicking the numbers. Multiple selections are possible with Shift or Ctrl/Cmd and clicking. Alternatively, you can define a range in the textbox below. For more information on the syntax take a look at the Image Reader node description. There are special image formats which contain several images in one file. These are called 'series'. In the 'Additional Options' Tab under the section 'Series & Groups' you can selects which images of a series should be read by specifying the index range of the images.

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