Image Reader - TIFF issue & images all black/gray/pixel mess

Hello everyone,

I am new at KNIME but am enjoying it very much. I got stuck however doing something seemingly very simple. I made a workflow to download satellite images which then need to be processed. Below a download link to one of those images (its a 40mb TIF image).


When you open this image you can see a rather cloudy picture of the Netherlands taken by the Landsat satellite.

Downloading this image using KNIME worked. But when I read this image using the Image Reader (from the KNIME image processing extension) and then look at the image within KNIME, it is completely grey. After doing some research I started experimenting with the different pixel types (in the configure settings). I tried all of them with different results. Either the picture is completely grey, black, or it is a black and white pixel scene that does not look like the original image at all, see an example below.


I do not know how to proceed and hope someone more experienced in image processing can help me.

Gr Wouter