Image Reader

This workflow shows how to read images and movies using the Image Reader node. The images to read are specified in the configuration dialog of the Image Reader node. Double clicking or right click > Configure on the node opens its configuration dialog. Here, you can browse all files on your computer and select individual ones for processing. The Image Reader supports a huge variety of different file formats. Besides regular (color) images, any kind of n-dimensional data like movies, z-stacks, or multichannel images, can be read. The configuration of the Image Reader has some additional tabs which allow you to specify further options. For example, you can switch to the ‘Additional Options' tab and specify that the node shouldn't check the file format every time an image is read. If configured this way, the node assumes that the format of every image is the same as the first one, which can speed up the the reading process. For further information on the options please read the node description.

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