Image Reader

Hi Knimers,

New to image processing, I am exploring this node using a random download from internet
I am unable to execute the node.
Please help!



Dear @Suhas,

The Image Reader node exclusively supports selecting files interactively from your local hard disk. If you’d like to access an image directly from a URL, please take a look at the following workflow:

Best regards,

Dear @stelfrich

Thanks for the reply.
I am not trying it from an external link.
I am connecting it through local drive itself.
I am unable to read the attached image. Could you please help on the node.


Sorry about the confusion! Once you have added the node to a workflow, you should be able to select the file in the left side of the configuration dialog: Select the file and click “Add selected” at the bottom:

Once you have done that, press the OK button and execute the node. If that still does not work, it would be great to know if there are any error messages…

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Yes, i did the same. An error occured “Encountered Errors during Execution”
How to tackle this ?

In the bottom right you should see a tab that reads Console: Is there more information about the error in there? Also, how did you create the node? Did you create manually drag and drop it from the node repository?

I doube click on the node and then browse for the image from my folder.
There is no more information on the error in console.

Dear Suhas,

Have you tried deleting the old Image Reader and replacing it with an entirely new one?