Image viewer - Dragging columns

Hey guys,

I rearranged the table in the image viewer by dragging some columns around, to have a better overview. However when I doubleclick a cell to zoom in and then use the arrows to navigate through the table, it is still in the original configuration, so it looks like the rearranging of the columns didn't take place. When I click on the back to table button the rearranged table is still present. So it looks like the zooming in does not take into account the updated layout of the table.

Also after closing and re-opening the image viewer the original lay-out is present again, not the rearanged one.



Hi Luuk,

unfortunately we already know this book and we are not sure how to solve it. However, I increased the priority now and I will let you know as soon as we found a solution.

Thanks for reporting,



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