Image Writer cannot write to network drives


my Image Writer node cannot write to network drives. What am I doing wrong?

ERROR Image Writer         2:21       Execute failed: Output directory 'B:\' is not writable

I have tried diffent drive letters, same problem. My system is Windows 7 Professional SP-1 (64-Bit), needless to say, that I have all admin rights on this machine.


Hi Marc,

I guess we know that problem. It's related to a problem in the underlying library we use (SCIFIO). We will make sure to have it fixed asap.



Hi @christian.dietz, any update on this one?

The Image Writer node apparently still cannot write to mapped network locations.

The same problem here.

Have you tried the new Image Writer (Port) (Labs) in KNIME Labs? It has an optional, dynamic file system input port that you can select.

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Yes. The new Image Writer (Port) (Labs) works. Thank you.


The original issue was about the Image Writer node (the one that takes Img column type as input), not the Image Writer (Port) node.

Nevertheless, I can confirm that with:

KNIME Analytics Platform	4.2.2.v202009251451
KNIME Image Processing

… also the Image Writer node works fine on mounted network drives (i.e. both using a drive letter, e.g. W:\ as well as using a raw network mount, e.g. \\fileserver\some\path).