Image Writer only writing first channel

Hello everyone,

I used the Merger node to stack 4 images (merge them into one). The Image looks good, and in the Image Viewer I can see there is 1 image with 4 channels. I then want to write this stacked image to disk using the Image Writer node. When I do so, however, it only writes the first channel to disk. The other channels are being ignored. Is this a bug or is there a special setting to do this?

Thanks for you help!

Gr Wouter

Hi Wouter,

Is the third dimension called Channels or did you use another name for it?

Which file format did you try to write to?


Hi Stefan,

Thank you for your reply.

The third dimension (which I specify in the Merger node) is called Channel (I also tried Channels). Both result in only 1 layer (channel) being written to disk when I use the Image Writer node.

The file format is TIFF (.tif) and then the uncompressed compression type

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How exactly do you check this? Also, could you provide a file that is written by the Image Writer for double checking? Thank you!