ImageJ integration not installable on fresh KNIME AP 4.6.0 installation?

Dear KNIME team,

I was trying to install the KNIME Image Processing ImageJ integration into a fresh installation of KNIME 4.6.0. Is it just missing from the 4.6. update sites? Or is there an issue with using it on version 4.6?

On an existing KNIME AP 4.5.x installation that already contained the ImageJ integration, I was able to upgrade to KNIME 4.6.0 and the integration still works. So I’m wondering how to get it into a fresh installation :slightly_smiling_face:

(ping @gab1one @stelfrich, how you’re both doing fine!)

Dear KNIME ImageProcessors:
same issue here :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi @imagejan

Thank you for letting us know, the ImageJ integration is not 100% compatible yet, with 4.6.0, there are some issues with the ImageJ 1 macro node, in that it does not work with Java 17 yet.
We are working on getting it ready.
I made the ImageJ integration available for 4.6, so please check it out if this works for you now.



Thanks a lot, I can confirm that installing the ImageJ integration – as well as our FMI KNIME Plugins – works now in a 4.6 installation. :rocket:


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