Images and structures do not update for each row


Maybe it is a silly question, but I have been struggling with us for hours now.

I have a workflow that has for each row a different chemical structure (in an SDF Cell) and a graph obtained through R (as png).

I've tried to create a report by incorporating the various elements. The data work perfectly (meaning each row has a different set of data, as generated by the workflow), but the images are always the same (basically from the first row), instead of changing for each row.

The images have been inserted through the Image Report Item, and reference row("Molecule") resp row("Image") from the workflow.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

A screenshot can be found here.

Nevermind. I found out what I was doing wrong. The whole data set needs to be added to the report first and then I can start removing or replacing elements.

Hi sparel,

i have the same problem as you described in your first post...

How did you solve it? Can you describe it in more detail?



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