ImgPlus in javascript table view

Hey there,
Is there a way to visualise ImgPlus images in the javascript table view ?

Directly putting the ImgPlus into the table view result in the string description of the image…

I was trying to convert the ImgPlus to something the Javascript view would accept but I did not find a way.

Hi @l.thomas,

If you apply the Render to Image node before the table reader you should be able to convert your ImgPlus to either svg or png which the Table View node will render.

Let me know if this works for you!


Alternatively, there’s also the ImgPlus to PNG Images node:

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Thanks @Corey, it works great with the Render to Image !

I had tried this one before but does not work


Woops, that’s surprising. I’ll check internally if that’s a known limitation. Thanks for reporting!

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The ImgPlus to PNG Images wraps the created png images into a collection cell, to support time series and other high dimensional images. You need to use the Split Collection Collumn node to get to the single images.



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