impact factor

Hi Knimers,

I have a table with two columns , one with the journal title and the other with impact factor of each one. In the second table i have two columns too , one with the name of the publications and the other column contains the title of the journal where it was published. 

I want to have one table containing the title journal  , the publication and and he right impact factor for each one . How can I do it?



You can probably achieve this with a single node.

Get a Joiner node and put into the top input port your second table (the one with the papers titles). Put the other table into the second input port.

Join the tables using the Journal title columns. This should create a table like your first input table with an additional row showing the impact factor.



Hi Sam,


I've tried this , but the problem is that in my first table I have all the journals that exist with there impact factor ( ordered: A , B , C....) , and in the second one I have only few publications .

WHAT  i have:

table 1

publication      Journal  

A                       a

B                        c

C                        f


table 2

Journal        Impact Factor

a                       1

b                        2

c                        3

d                           4


z                       100


What i want :

publication       impact factor

A                           1

B                           3

C                          8