Impact of one process on another


I have a question about impact of one process one anothher process… I need to calculate something like. There is a huge data which determeined as 'test1, test2 ,… test n) . So we should see the ‘process a’ 's paas rate ’ effect on before ‘process b pass rate’ occured. I mean , we should take some actions before process be .

Simülated example would be better, you can easily understan what i am trying to say. If you help me , i will so appreciated.

Have you tried the Crosstab (local) node which creates a cross table (also referred to as a contingency table or cross tab). It can be used to analyze the relation of two columns with categorical data and displays the frequency distribution of the categorical variables in a table.

Hi @deepblueish,

Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I understand you have a pass rate calculation for process A. This pass rate is a variable used to calculate the pass rate for process B and you are trying to find the correct node to calculate a new column for your data table that states whether it’s a pass or fail for test 1, test 2,… test ‘n’ for process B. Is this correct?


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