Impala Connector Problem with database_name since version 4.1

Hi all,

today I migrated from 4.0.0 to 4.1.0.

Strangely in the Impala Connector setting (which worked fine in 4.0.0) there is a problem with the database name parameter. When using the same connection settings in 4.1.0 I’m getting the error:

failed to apply settings: “database_name” is not a valid driver URL template token. Please refer to the node documentation for the available URL template tokens depending on the chosen settings.

Interestingly this only occurs when I’m copying an existing connector node. Within an already existing workflow the conncetor remains green and I can fetch data. But in the copied node I’m getting the error message above with a red status.

Hello RolandGrund,
we had to make the URL parsing more strickt to allow the usage of third party drivers in the built in nodes. I guess you need to replace <database_name> with which is the placeholder for the database name when using a build in connector node such as the Oracle Connector node. For further details of the allowed URL syntax see this section of the database documentation.
The documentation also contains several examples how to register the driver for various databases.


Hi Tobias,

thank you,
after a long time I come back to your suggestion. I really have no idea how the syntax should be - the documentation is not really clear to me, it could be jdbc:impala/extra_int … or anything else. Could not find any example anywhere. Could you have pls a look at my settings (see attachments) - thanks in advance.

… last trial for this evening, found a solution :slight_smile:

Instead of using the DB Impala Connector Node I took the generic DB Connector node

which contains the correct syntax when you specify impala as database type


However, the same syntax in the DB Impala Connector node did not work !

Hello Roland,
we have further improved the driver registration page to make it easier for users to add the correct URL template. When you now select the database type KNIME will suggest an appropriate one and also displays further information in the syntax information section that you can expand by clicking on the question mark:

The JDBC template supports several predefined variables such as host, port and database which correspond to the fields in the Connector node (see below). So whatever you enter into these fields in the node dialog will be placed at the position of the place holder in the JDBC URL.


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