Implement different methods in KNIME...

Hey there,


I'm searching for some ways to implement some methodes in KNIME.


Is it possible to implement the following methods in KNIME?? How can I implement them?

 -Label Propagation-Algorithm


 -Betweenness Centrality

 -Independent Cascade Model

 -Linear Threshold Algorithm.


It would be great to get an answer :)

Thanks a lot


Nalim :)

Hi Nalim,

there are plenty of options how to do that: For example, you can use existing R or Python libraries for that and run the code using the KNIME Scripting integration for R and Python or you can write your own KNIME nodes in Java (see  Also,  some of the algorithms may have been already implemented in the various extensions which are part of the KNIME ecosystem, for examle "Betweenness Centrality"  maybe already part of the KNIME Network Mining Extension (see



Hey Christian,

thanks for your answer. Right now, i couldn't find a way to realize it. Neither I could find existing R or Pythin libraries nor i could find the 'Betweenness Centrality' in the KNIME Network Mining Extension. 

I'm not a computer scientist, maybe you have some more hints for me what to do.


Best regards


Hi Nasim,

if you download the KNIME Analytics Platform with all extensions, then you will have an entry called "Scripting" in the node repository. There you can execute arbitrary R or Python code. 



Now a few years later, has anyone offered scripts or extensions to calculate betweeness centrality?