Import data with linereturns and spaces


I am trying to process a top logging file in knime. I tried file reader and line reader but am not able to load it without using magic. The difficulty is that the data per timestamp does not always have the same length in lines. Somtimes 20 processes, sometimes 22, etc.


Does anyone known how to process this so I get timestamps with lists of pid username and cpu data?


Data is formatted like below.

last pid: time

pid username cpu

1 A 80%

2 B 1%

3 C 3%


last pid: time2

pid username cpu

1 A 81%

2 B 2%

3 C 4%

4 D 6%

Hello arnoverhef,

Which kind of extension file format do you have?

Is it a .txt file? Could you please share it (or part of it)?

Thank you,