Import EXCEL - a meta workflow trying to answer questions about importing data from Excel files

One of the most asked questions is the one how to import data from Excel files under various circumsatnces 050 - the (new) excel import node can also handle multiple files at once from a single folder - you may want to start with that 100 - the standard import - Read an XLS file - by scottf => most of the time you will just be fine using these examples 150 - OK you have a changing structure of your Excel files but still want to read them, no problem, just give the collecting end loop some flexibility 170 - and you want to keep some information about the file you jus imported. You could annotate them with the name of the file/sheet Read and annotate multiple Excel files 175 - another example extracting some information about your Excel file and location ------------------- some more complicated scenarios that can be solved easily with the help of R ----------- 550 - you want to import a lot of data from various excel sheets and only keep the ones that are present in all sheets

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