Import tagged text (dutch) in knime project as term column


I have tagged a dutch text with a pos tagger using the stts tags. I now want to use it in KNIME for further processing and analyses.  But KNIME does not recognize the tags. Using the string to term node does not help.

Has anyone used pre tagged text in KNIME before? Or is there an other way of tagging dutch text in KNIME?


Kees-Jan van Lier


which tagger and model have you used to tag dutch text, is it open source?

Unfortunately strings can not be converted into tags, there not yet a node for that. Text which has been tagged outside KNIME can not be imported into KNIME, making use of the tags.

The Stanford tagger node provides only model for english, french and german text. If you have a tagger and model (in Java) for dutch text you can integrate it as a KNIME node. Here is a tutorial about how to integrate an external tagger lib and model:

Cheers, Kilian

Hi Killian,

The tagger program I used is treetagger. I am using KNIME for a master thesis on brand positioning. I am afraid I don't have the time or the skills to integrate the treetagger, since I don't know anything about Java.

Do you have any idea how much time it would take to make such a node under these conditions?




honestly, if you are under pressure of time I would not recommend to start implementing your own node if you don’t know how to code Java. It takes a while to learn Java and it takes a while to learn how to implement your own node. If you don’t know how to code at all I guess at least one month. If you know to code (C, C++, … but no Java) you can do it in one week.

Cheers, Kilian