Importing Time-Stamp Measurement data from Meteohub


sorry to say, I am totally new to Knime. I have read the text processing tutorial and the white paper about "Big Data, Smart Energy, and Predictive Analytics" but still I do not where to start from.

I am collecting data from multiple sensor sources in one text file via the software Meteohub. Here is an example:

20131201231705 date0 2013 12 2 0 14
20131201231705 thb0 219 40 0077 9892 3 10210
20131201231705 th2 223 39 0077
20131201231705 th3 195 46 0076
20131201231705 th4 231 50 0121
20131201231705 th5 197 45 0074
20131201231705 wind0 0 21 6 0028
20131201231705 t6 28
20131201231705 rain0 0 0 34893
20131201231802 data0 16000
20131201231802 data1 21358

Every line has one time stamp and data from one sensor containing sometimes one or multiple sensor values. 

I tried the Knime "Line Reader" but I do not now how to configure "Row" and "Columns". Next I tried Knime "File Reader" which generates errors because the lines have different number of "Columns".

Maybe you can point me to the right documentation page or a similar example. Right now I am lost in the big space of Kinme help and documentation.




Hi Stefferber,

Welcome to KNIME I just moved you're topic to the User category.

You can read the file with our file reader node. In the configuration dialog chose the file and than click the Advanced Button, there are more options. In the tab "short lines" check the option "allow short lines". Than the node reads all the data and the shorter lines are filled with missing values.


Alternatively you can read it with the Line Reader and afterwards split the cells with a Cell Splitter.


Cheers, Iris

I would add that the timestamp is read in as a double by default, but to get it as a date/time cell you need to import it in the reader as a string (double click the column in the configuration dialog) and then use string to date/time with the date format string: yyyyMMddHHmm in order to make the conversion.