Improve the workflow "Update Components" process

Within our company we use shared components frequently. I would like to see some improvements on the “Update Component” process. When opening the workflow KNIME will automatically check for component upgrades. If new updates are found this function leaves you with two options.

  1. Perform all component updates at once
  2. Perform no component updates at all


If the second option is chosen we would obviously be able to manually update each of the components, but in our case this could be a very time consuming process.

It would be nice if there was an update process like the process for updated/installing KNIME Extensions, where the components for which an update was found are listed.

This could include:

  • The full list of shared components found in the workflow
  • An overview of the components for which an update was found (including the revision remark)
  • An option to select/deselect all the updates or manually select them one by one.

The above will give the end user a much better (and in my opinion critical) insight of what will be updated, as currently there is no clear overview provided.


Hello @RKrom ,

thank you for your post! This is a great idea, I have not seen this before, and any similar, and seeing that it has already got a tons of likes it could be a useful feature for others as well.
Give us some time to look into it internally to check the possibilities.

Have a nice day!


I would like to support @RKrom 's post !

Minutes ago, this exact same thing happened to me. I’ve opened a workflow I was working yesterday, and the update warning showed up. I froze for like a minute or two trying to remember if the last modification I’ve made should be applied to the rest of the nodes or just to a subset of them until I’ve done the full revision.

+10 to this idea.


Hello @RKrom , @eamendola and All the others,

thank you for your valuable feedback on this topic!

We have discussed it internally, and I can say not only the Forum users feel it is a valid feature request :slight_smile: We have created a ticket to implement this idea (or something similar). I’m gonna share the internal number of the ticket [AP-19723] to make easier the follow up in our changelog whether it is implemented or not in the future releases.

Have a nice day!


@dora_gcs Thank you for creating the support request. I’m looking forward to work with this feature.
In the meantime, if you need any additional user input just let me know.

Best Regards


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